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Appointment Policy
During active treatment, we will need to see your child regularly. Most appointments can be scheduled after school. Occasionally, based on the procedure, your appointment will be in the morning. Morning appointments are longer and typically include bonding braces, repositioning brackets, Invisalign attachments, debonds, and any type of appointment that requires instruction. Mornings are typically quiet and resered for your child so that he/she has ample time from our staff to listen to important instructions, ask questions, and have a moment to get used to a new appliance or braces.

Rescheduling Appointments
We are happy to reschedule your appointment and we ask you to give us 24 hours' notice. This gives us an opportunity to give your appointment to another patient. Any repeated missed appointment will result in a $35 no show fee. Missed appointments can affect the duration of your treatment. Each visit has an important purpose and we want the best possible outcome for your child. We look forward to working as a team to complete treatment on time.

Broken Brackets
Please notify our office if anything appears loose, broken, or if something is poking between your regularly scheduled visit. We can determine if a repair is necessary immediately or if it can wait until your next visit without compromising staying on track with treatment. If a wire is poking, we will gladly fit you in immediately to clip it and make your child comfortable.