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Office Updates

NOVEMBER 24, 2020:

To our Daniels Orthodontics Family,

We have updated our COVID check in policy. Instead of waiting in your cars to have a team member come out and get you for your appointment, we kindly ask that you come into the front hallway ( not the reception area of the office) and wait until a team member gets you. As for the reception area, patients under the age of 12 are allowed to come in with a parent (if they wish), and the parent may wait in the reception area while the appointment takes place. Please do your best to social distance while waiting.

As for the Thanksgiving holiday, our office ours have changed (only from 11/24-11/26). These are our new hours:

Wednesday 11/25: 8am-1pm

Thursday 11/26, and Friday 11/27: CLOSED (no phone availability)

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation, enjoy your holiday!

-Dr. Daniels and the team at Daniels Orthodontics

MAY 15, 2020:

To Our Daniels Orthodontics Families and Friends,
Following Governor Lamont’s Recommendation this past Friday to plan reopening dental offices, we are
beyond ready to get back to work and see everyone we have missed so much! We hope this letter finds
everyone healthy, happy, and prepared to ease back into regular routines. Much has certainly changed
since we saw you last, as we are still coming to grips with the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the events
triggered by it. We want to update you on our practice, and the proactive steps being taken to ensure
we are doing everything possible to protect the healths of our patients, their families, and our team.
Since closing our office the morning of Monday March 16, I have been monitoring carefully the
recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which have inspired the American
Dental Association to release recently some general guidelines for office reopening. Meanwhile, I have
been consulting with some of country’s most prominent orthodontic leaders, as well as Connecticut-
based dentists, to craft rational, evidence-based guidelines for restarting our practices. The wealth of
information is continually changing, and we will remain committed to staying as up-to-date as possible.
To that end, and subject to any additional recommendation by the Governor’s Office, we will be
reopening Tuesday May 26. We will be following rigorous scheduling protocols and office measures to
ensure the safety and well-being of you, our patients, and the team members at Daniels Orthodontics.
We ask for your continued patience. Having cancelled over 1000 appointments, we know there is a
strong desire to get your child’s, or your own treatment back on track as soon as possible. We will
eventually, but not at the same office pace with which we were accustomed. This benefits everyone.
We will have to be very firm in our processes and procedures, which have been carefully thought-out,
and will be rehearsed for implementation over the next two and half weeks.
I would like to Thank personally the parents who coordinated with Allison virtual appointments to check
select appliances over the past eight weeks. We truly appreciated your coordinated effort, and I must
admit to treasuring these unique experiences with you! As you are aware, we have already begun
rescheduling patients on a first-canceled, first-rescheduled basis, which should prove fair, efficient and
serve everyone with getting treatment back on track. Our office procedures have temporarily changed
and will include the following:


 All Early Developmental Observation Appointments are paused until the Fall. No Early
Observation Appointments will be conducted until re-establishment of our regular routine.
 During the Initial Reopening Phase of the practice, we will gradually work toward a limit of
roughly half of our regular patient load. The points outlined below should lend clarity to this
 Please wait for our office to call you to reschedule your appointments. We have a very accurate
and comprehensive list of every appointment canceled, including the date and time.
 Emergencies will continue only to be defined by pain or bleeding. For now, broken braces
without pain do not constitute an emergency.


 When you arrive for your child’s, or your own appointment, please remain in your car. The front
door will remain locked to ensure security of visitor traffic. Please call our office upon your
arrival, and a Patient Wellness Coordinator will escort your child, or yourself to the
 Only The Patient being treated will be allowed to enter the office. The only exception will be for
our very young patients. Of those, only One Parent/Caregiver may accompany the child. Our
charter organizations have uniformly advised no other family members or friends will be
allowed inside the office.
 Please bring your own protective facemask, and as indicated a mask for your child, for wear to
the appointment. Federal Guidelines for Social Distancing and wearing masks in Connecticut
businesses continue, so please bring the mask you and your family should be accustomed. If you
do not have your own, we will provide one; however, Personal Protective Equipment supplies
remain dangerously low in our State. If we run out, we will be compelled to close our office
again, until the supply-chain would return to normal.
 Your, or your child’s temperature will be taken by staff using a touchless thermometer. If the
temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees F, you or your child will be asked to leave and not return for
the CDC-specified 14-day self-quarantine requirement.
 A simple Questionnaire assessing family contacts, travel, and well-being will be asked of all
patients as well. Any question indicating recent exposure to someone with COVID-19, or having
signs and symptoms of the same will be asked to leave, and not return for the CDC-specified 14-
day self-quarantine requirement.
 The patient restroom will be closed, so please prepare appropriately prior to arrival.
 Maintain the 6-Foot Social Distancing guidelines when in the office until seated in the treatment
 To ensure 6-Foot Social Distancing between patients, only the first and third of our three clinic
chairs will be employed. This policy provides heavily for our greatly-reduced daily schedule of
 The tooth-brushing station will be used as a hand-washing/sanitizing station required of every
patient prior to being seated. No tooth-brushing will be allowed.
 Patients at this station will also rinse with a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide mouth rinse.
 We ask for understanding while we try to address all of your treatment needs and questions
during your/child’s visit. As you have hopefully already found, my team and I will be available to
communicate appointment outcomes, as well as overall treatment progress, by phonecall or


 WE LOVE OUR PATIENTS!! And as you know by now, we love to chat with you at your
appointment. Please understand that conversations will be significantly reduced to allow for
Social Distancing, running on time, and disinfection of treatment chairs, instruments.
 Please forgive that we have suspended our coffee/tea/hot chocolate station, and forbid bringing
any food or beverage into the office.


 We will take the temperature of every team member, including my own, immediately upon
arrival at work, and after lunch. Any team member above 100.4 degrees F will be sent home.
 Every team member will answer the same Questionnaire our families are required to complete,
and will do so every day. If any responses disqualify the team member, they will be sent home
following the same procedures we are asking our families to follow.
 All Clinical Team Members including myself, will be wearing Full Personal Protective Equipment.
Last Friday May 1, Connecticut OHSA through the Department of Labor announced required Fit-
Testing of N-95 Facemasks. I have already engaged the New Haven County Fire Department to
assist our practice’s compliance with this requirement prior to Reopening.


 You will find upon return that our furniture has been rearranged. You will notice other changes
made to ensure the health and well-being of our patients and our team.
 To ensure our practice’s compliance with all current CDC and Connecticut Departments of
Labor-OSHA policies in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the practice has voluntarily retained a
private consulting firm annually-endorsed by the Connecticut State Dental Association. A
Clinical Walk-Through Examination will be followed by team training of the Best Practices
currently endorsed to protect our families against the novel coronavirus.
 Every Hour, all Common Areas will be disinfected.
We remain so grateful for every one of our patients and families: this time away has served to make us
even more thankful for each of your trust and confidence. You are the heartbeat of our practice, and
this is why we are taking your family’s safety VERY seriously. Seeking your continued patience and
understanding, treatment progress has been delayed and in turn, estimated completion date. Please
forgive us as we commit to balancing treatment resumption, with reducing team members’ and
patients’ exposures to unnecessary risk.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me directly. With patience, ingenuity, and
compassion, We Will Persevere Together.
Sincerely yours,

David Daniels, DMD, MSD

MARCH 27, 2020:

Dear Daniels Ortho Family,

We have been following the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic very closely. It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that on March 23rd, 2020, Connecticut State Dental Association Board of Governors strongly urged all Connecticut dentists cancel all elective procedures, and only provide emergency/urgent care as defined by the American Dental Association.

Further, in support of Governor Lamont’s “Stay Safe, Stay Home” Executive Order effective this past Monday March 23, 2020 8:00 p.m., the CSDA is extending this Strong Recommendation until April 22, 2020, unless modified by the Governor. This Executive Order is also intended to conserve all medical supplies, including Personal Protective Equipment (Masks, Glovies, Faceshields, Disposable Gowns), desperately needed by our Medical Colleagues directly battling this epidemic. The CSDA is rightfully monitoring this policy, advising that non-compliance with these recommendations may be considered a violation of the ADA’s Principles of Ethics & Code of Professional Conduct.

As we intend to remain fully compliant with these Executive Orders, the practice will remain conditionally Closed until Wednesday April 22, 2020. Please note, if during this time you or your child are experiencing a true orthodontic emergency, please call our office at (203) 271-1829. Allison has been working remotely to reschedule appointments, as well as assist coordination of emergency care. Our House Call Program continues to prove successful, as I will remain available to treat any emergencies in Full PPE at your home as indicated.
This week we also launched our Virtual Appointment System, to check fixed appliances, as well as Treatment Progress with rubber bands and clear aligners.

As you can imagine, rescheduling at least six weeks of patients will take time, so we ask that you be patient and understanding of the time constraints we will have in seeing patients when we return. The COVID-19 situation is changing day-by-day, turning several lives upside down. During this unprecedented time we cannot predict if the government will extend our return date. We understand the impact this virus is having across our nation, and unconditionally support the efforts, especially our beloved First-Responders, to protect our community.

We cannot express our gratitude to each and every one of you, and all of your understanding during this difficult time. We miss you, and look forward to seeing everyone again soon! Please be safe, and reach out with any questions. Remember: we WILL persevere.

Most Sincerely,
Dr. Daniels & The Team at Daniels Orthodontics

March 16, 2020:
*UPDATE* With today's additional measures intended to encourage remaining at home with our families, our practice has prepared the following course of management for Emergency Procedures. We truly wish for you to remain at home, while keeping our clinic as sterile as possible. Today my staff prepared "Emergency Kits," variable instruments hospital-grade sterilized and sealed within autoclaved bags. I will be making "House Calls" in order to tend to any of our patients in true need of care. Simply call the office and follow the prompt to register an Emergency. I will then offer to come to your home, equipped with proper Personal Protective Equipment and tend to you, or your child. Otherwise I will certainly offer to meet at the office at your request. We are all doing our part to confront this Crisis: with patience, ingenuity, and compassion, we will Persevere. -Dr. D